Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Saving Maddie Blog Tour

In just a few days, my third novel, SAVING MADDIE hits stores. To celebrate, I'll be at five great blogs next week:

Monday: I'll be discussing religion, stereotypes and cover art with Melodye Shore in The Author's Tent.

Tuesday: I'll be debuting the Saving Maddie Playlist at Reading in Color with Ari. (This is also Release Day. And my birthday.)

Wednesday: I'll be at Gwenda Bond's Shaken and Stirred, where I'll be talking about my writing process for Saving Maddie. (FYI--Gwenda is also a graduate of Vermont College, and is AWESOME.)

Thursday: I'll be at Book Nut with Melissa, where I'll be answering questions like, "What's my favorite scene?"

Friday: I'll be talking to a student interviewer at Crazy Quilts.

I'll be updating my blog with direct links throughout the week. Be sure to check out all the stops! There may even be some giveaways involved.

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Anonymous Jessica Leader said...

I *thought* the release day was your b'day! (My mind must unconsciously pick up info from Facebook.) I'm excited for all the fun elements of your blog tour! And, of course, the book itself!

3/05/2010 9:23 AM  
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