Sunday, March 01, 2009

Introducing Saving Maddie

With all the press the Delacorte Dames and Dude Society has been getting, I figured it might be a good idea to actually talk about my Delacorte book, Saving Maddie. Of course, the book doesn't come out for another year, and it isn't even listed on Amazon yet, but why let a little thing like purchasability stop me.

First, here's the cover:

Let's just say I'm...curious about what the response will be concerning the cover.

Personally, I love the cover, and so does my editor. I think it gets across everything the novel is about.

So what is the novel about?

As I've stated before, I hate describing a book. I never know if the person is asking about the plot or the theme or the characters or whatever.

And, in general, I suck at summaries.

So until I get the official flap or catalog copy, you'll have to do with my rag-tag description of the book.

Saving Maddie is about:

1) A boy named Joshua
2) A girl named Madeline
3) Lust
4) Love
5) Proverbs Chapter 4 vs The Parable of the Lost Sheep
6) Jose Cuervo
7) Coffee
8) Blackberries

Got it? Good!



Blogger BigBry23 said...

You V-man, Love the cover. So who's the model? cute...or what you see of her. hehe. So it would seem the authoring is keeping on. Glad to hear. Hope all is well with you and the family. Tell your brother i said hi next time you see or hear from him. Take care and good luck with the writing and selling and touring and ...whatever else you'll be doing. Later.

Bryan Collins

3/02/2009 10:48 PM  
Blogger Rachel Wilson said...

Love that sideways smile. And hearing your voice via blog.

3/03/2009 12:44 AM  
Blogger tanita✿davis said...

Okay, I was with you 'til the blackberries...

Wow. This is an amazing cover. I'm impressed.

3/03/2009 2:18 PM  
Blogger Varian Johnson said...

Thanks guys. I'm really digging this cover. Hopefully readers will dig it, too.

And Brian, I'm not sure who the model is. Lowly authors aren't involved with art decisions. And I'll tell the fam you said hello.

3/03/2009 11:09 PM  
Blogger Christy Raedeke said...

Wow, I love this cover. You're two for two in the cover department! Congrats.

3/09/2009 4:31 PM  
Blogger Janet Fox said...

V - I LOVE/lust over the cover and tomorrow when I eat my blackberries I'll nip a little Quervo into my coffee.

Very cool - let's party next spring!

3/17/2009 7:18 PM  

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