Sunday, September 30, 2007

15 Things

15 things that were on my mind this morning:

1) No matter how much people want to deny it, race is still an issue in the United States. Just ask anyone in Jena, Louisiana.

2) I wonder if people will think I wrote a pro-abortion book. I wonder if people will think I wrote an anti-abortion book. I wonder if anyone will really care.

3) Who am I going to put in my fantasy football line-up now that Steven Jackson is hurt?

4) Who am I kidding--I don't have time for fantasy football. I don't even have time to mow the yard.

5) Oklahoma lost, but at least not as badly as Texas.

6) I'm really digging this new Jill Scott cd. Not as good as some of her old stuff, but still pretty solid.

7) Why can't I finish Righteous? It's been like, two years since I started it.

8) That being said, do you ever get the feeling that something's going to be really good, once you finish it? That's the feeling I get every time I work on Righteous. I promise, whenever I'm able to get it out there, it'll be worth the wait.

9) What the hell am I going to work on next semester?

10) How much sleep will I be able to get this month?

11) If you haven't read Story of a Girl yet, you should run to your nearest bookstore and buy it today.

12) I got a letter from Freeman's XO a few weeks ago. It kind of depressed me, but only for a little while. I wonder if that's a good or a bad thing.

13) Is it vain of me to say that I think My Life as a Rhombus is a really good book?

14) I worry a lot about my Vermont College classmates. I hope they'll all be back next semester.

15) I spend way too much time thinking about things that I can't control.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So, what's it about?

As some of you know, I've been pretty tight-lipped about My Life as a Rhombus. Most of this has less to do with me being secretive, and is more because I sound like a rambling idiot when I try to describe a book.

And anyway, what does someone really mean when they ask, "What's it about?" Are they asking about the plot, the theme, or what? But I digress...

The good people at Flux recently released their Winter Catalog, so now you can find out for yourself what the book is about (in addition, you can also scope out soon-to-be released books by Carrie Jones and Stacy DeKeyser, among others).

For those of you too lazy to click to the website, I've posted the catalog copy below:

Homework plus strawberry ice cream equals a typical night for high school senior and math whiz Rhonda Lee. Angling for a full scholarship to Georgia Tech, the pressure is on. And dating isn't part of the equation. Teenage boys are only after one thing, right? She should know considering her last boyfriend left her heartbroken . . . and pregnant.

At the time, an abortion seemed like Rhonda's only option. If it was the right decision, why is she filled with anger and regret? Will she ever trust another guy? Or forgive her overprotective father? And herself?

The last person Rhonda would ever expect to understand is Sarah Gamble, the richest and most popular girl at their South Carolina prep school. While tutoring Sarah in trigonometry, Rhonda discovers a secret about her that instantly draws them together. As Sarah's belly swells, a decision must be made. And Rhonda finds herself supporting a friend facing an all-too-familiar dilemma, even as Sarah makes an unexpected choice.