Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's official

Five bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and a shitload of debt. Homeownership at its finest.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The light at the end of the tunnel

After two years of trudging through classes at UT, Mrs. V finally graduated yesterday with her Master's in Business Administration (MBA to all of you acronym-happy people). We met a lot of cool (but usually drunk) people through the program, and I'm looking forward to staying in touch with most of them.

Mrs. V and I had an early graduation celebration last week. We went to San Antonio and saw the theatrical production of the Lion King (highly recommended) and visited the zoo. We rounded out the weekend by stopping off in Gruene, TX for an afternoon of tubing down the river.

Writing hasn't been going too well - with everything else going on, it's been pretty difficult finding time to write. But I am being productive in the few hours a week I have to write, so I guess I can't complain too much. This next novel features a male as the main character (MC), but I'm finding that the female lead is really the star of the story. I thought about writing it from her POV, but I kinda like the idea of the reader struggling along with the MC to determine what's going on with her.

FYI - check our Miss P's blog entry about getting her first editorial letter on her upcoming book. It's too funny.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mr. V Goes House Hunting

Mrs. V and I recently decided to take the plunge and to buy a house. In case you don't know, houses tend to cost a lot of money and can be a lot of work to upkeep. But with Mrs. V finishing school and getting ready to start her post-MBA job, buying a house is the smartest thing to do (at least in terms of our new tax bracket).

I'm looking forward to moving out of this two bedroom apartment that we've been stuffed in for the past two years. And the dogs will appreciate a back yard. But there are a lot things that worry me about owning a house.

1) They cost a lot of money.
1A) We don't have a lot of money.
1B) The bank has a lot of money.
1C) We owe the bank a lot of money.

I've never been big on owing money, but being that we don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around the apartment, we got a home loan. Isn't it amazing how credit works? Okay, so you have no money, but why don't you borrow all this money from us, pay it back over 30 years, and we'll call it good. I guess I'm not complaining, because the bank WILL get their money, and we'll get our house. It just seems wrong to be able to borrow that much money from someone.

Unfortunately, the new house purchase probably means that I won't be able to go to the SCBWI Summer Conference in August. I try to go every other year, and being that I went in 2005, I wasn't planning to go in the first place. But it's not even an option now, with furniture and lawn mowers and refrigerators to buy.

God willing, if everything goes right, we'll be able to close at the end of the month. My commute will become a little more hellish, but at least I'll have my own personal office. That's worth a few extra minutes in traffic.

FYI - thanks to all the supporters for posting reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I always love reading positive reviews, and I really appreciate the support.